Just a topic I’ve had on runescape forums for a while

Just a topic I’ve had on runescape forums for a while. It supports the idea of a F2P Trial. It is kind of a compromise something jagex might accept because a pure f2p game play addition is too much to ask for right now. The idea of a trial is like a stepping stone for the ultimate goal: 24 hours, 7 days a week, free to play game play. It currently has around 5 pages, haven’t bumped it in a while(2 weeks).Runescape Gold.


I’m not asking for anything except small support on this topic. That’s all really. Anything below this isn’t really that necessary to read.

I was unsure for a while about posting this here because I was pretty sure the majority of people here are going to laugh(actually I still am pretty sure people will laugh) and the fact that I am a no-namer, being that I never really liked Zybez forums so I never hung around here much. But I quit runescape. People laughing at me here or in irc over this isn’t going bother me.

They need to have some form of f2p content, where players can play the oldschool servers and experience for nothing. When you go to watch a movie at the cinemas you watch a trailer. When you buy a headset you get inspired by a friend who has the same one because you know how good it is. When you go to a music concert, you sus out the bands music to see if you like it.Runescape 2007 Gold.

Without any free content, where players can see the game then they won’t be interested in paying the fees to play the game. Plus, players who can’t afford the fees at one given time in their life due to personal issues should still be able to keep up and play the game with less content.

The games set up to fail, and its the same with the clanworld. The views of the clan world can be read in the Clan Discussion section if your interested.