Jagex runescape signets

I know I’m going to get the whole “Mod doctor said this though herp derp” so don’t even bother. go troll some eoc forum from 6 months ago.

Now that that’s out of the way Please, please look at the drop rates for signets etc. I understand a bit of luck issues but this just doesn’t work. Signets are rare enough to get as is. a 1/128 drop rate (only a guess) is just ridiculous

I beg you, to please look at this, It may have been a little mistake someone accidentally changed the drop rates or something, but it is seriously hurting the ascension dungeon. I Straight up quit after using 160 signets on sextus, getting (and missing the key) then going on to use another 100 without a drop. (then later said “might as well use the rest of my bank trying to get it”.I effectively spent over 500m on a bow that I could have bought for 320.

Mod Timbo said that he would be monitoring the keystones and signets. The keystones have since stabilized at 600k-1000k, which are far higher than his expectations, and he still hasn’t done anything about it. I have made two crossbows in the last few days hoping to get some money and just barely broke even, excluding cost of supplies. Considering how hard Jagex has been trying to kill us the last few weeks and the recent runescape gold update that no doubt caused me to miss a few signets, I deserve a medal for sticking through this.

Actually. 1/64 is the DROP rate. I wouldn’t mind going 64 kills dry on all 6.
As that would make more sense?
OFC am going to carry on, and I will post on when I get my next 2 signets, I have a feeling primus alone will take me above 200 .
My “complaint” if you can call it that, was that I’ve seen more ‘rare’ drops than ‘uncommon’ signets.
It was more of a shared table for other people to see, if they are “considering” doing the ascension dungeon bosses.
As IMO, you’d be better off doing it from scratch and collecting the keys yourself, which is what I will do in future if I get bored. – yet again, GL.