It is speculated the supposed castle was involved with the God Wars in Runescape

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The Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins is as the name suggests. Since it is not currently involved in any quests, nothing is known about it and its history is shrouded in mystery. It is available to be explored by both free players and members.It is speculated that the supposed castle was involved with the God Wars, as many of the battles were fought there.

The land around the ruins appears to have been eroded away over the centuries. This is evident from the open-ended walls which lead off into the sea. Judging by what is left, the castle might have once been quite large because of the thickness of its walls. Players exploring it will notice that the castle would have had two walls-a thin outer wall and a thick inner wall; probably protecting a keep that would have been lost when the rest of the land eroded.

The ruins are very close to the site of the Zarosian fortress of Annakarl, and the two fortresses may have been linked in some way. Alternatively, it could be the remains of a lost God Wars-era fortress yet to be uncovered – much like the fortress of Ghorrock which was believed to have been destroyed until the release of The Temple at Senntisten quest in December 2009. It could have been destroyed by the volcano just to the north. At the current time, nothing can be proved about its history or use.

The ruins appear to be linked to the Dragonkin. If you visit the Spirit Realm through the weak portal using Jennica’s ring you can see the Dragonkin symbol, which resembles the Stone of Jas and a compass rose.

Both free players and members can access the ruin by walking east of the Demonic ruins. Players may want to explore the ruin for the following reasons:Edward, the cape merchant, can be found there. he sells Team capes 5, 15, 25, 35 and 45 for 50 coins each.

There is a weak portal to the Spirit realm in the fortress for members who have completed the Summer’s End quest. Using this portal gives 7,500 Smithing experience the first time this particular portal is used.A few Wilderness clans use the ruin as a base because of its isolation.While in its Spirit realm, you can see the Dragonkin/Stone of Jas symbol on one of the walls, however this does not show up in the “real” world.

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