It is also the home of Dragon weapons and armour in Runescape

The armour and weapon for each set is exactly the same with the exception of armour type. Also there are a few exceptions to this rule. The damage from Ahrim’s staff depends on the level of the spell that is cast. Dharok’s set is capable of doing extra damage because of its set effect. Akrisae’s damage is considerably lower than the other sets, especially taking into account the fact that the weapon and armour types do not match.And RS 2007 Gold related transactions.

Freneskae (sometimes approximated in the common tongue as Frenaskrae, Feneskrae or Freneskrae) is a realm that exists beyond Gielinor within the multiverse. It is in eternal warfare and is the home of the Mahjarrat. It is also the home of Dragon weapons and armour. Because of this, some players believe that the Dragonkin, said to have made these weapons and armour, may have in fact originated from Freneskae, or were involved with it in some way.

Freneskae is thought to be a violent, inhospitable place. It is described by a notable Mahjarrat named Enakhra as a dark, war-filled place: “Ah, Freneskae: an ash-covered, smog and lava-filled delight. You humans would consider it desolate and harsh, a deathly place. To my Mahjarrat eyes, there is wonder there. For us Mahjarrat, life can come from death as easily as death from life.Guthix also possesses some degree of knowledge about this realm, saying that Freneskae is a realm of near constant warfare, that hath developed techniques and weaponry far beyond the liking of most mortals.

It hath influenced this land, for many warriors that were used by mine brethren in the wars of the gods came directly from that plane, and when defeated here oft did drop pieces of their strange and powerful equipment as they fell. Such powerful equipment inevitably became prized amongst warriors for both its power and sturdiness, although most warriors desirous of such equipment cared little for its origin.”

Mahjarrat folk tales claim that there is an evil creator-god who resides in Freneskae who created the Muspah, a vicious monster made from all of the parts of the most horrific beasts who reside in Freneskae. There may be other gods and demigods of Freneskae that are not known of yet, and the Mahjarrat’s Creator-God is not currently named.

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