Is it worth starting over on runescape EOC

Rs has been “dying” for the past 5 years… But still it has a decent playerbase and economy. As people say “Most of the players are botters” but this is means it’s still an active game. People won’t bother running their gold-farms on a dead game because that would mean they would have no costumers and when you’d look at Sythe’s traffic, you’ll see theres still a pretty high demand in RS-related sales.

I just restarted again 2 days ago, and having fun so far. I’m mostly aiming to max my accounts right now in all combat skills so I can do the new bosses(I have never in my life PvMed, not even KBD…) cause they seem to get harder and harder which will keep the game interesting.

I don’t remember any of my account emails, and I have no fucking idea what EOC is or what any of this shit is surrounding my screen. I made a members account for RS2007 but I’m already getting a little bored after being pampered with the ease of use that Jagex came out with (lodestones, ge) after 2007.

Is it worth bringing my measly level 3 into the EOC servers and starting over there, or is everyone to advanced/pro to even have fun pking and stuff? If there even is pking, not sure how it works now.

There was some discussion about this in this thread The countdown begins!

In my opinion, I think it’d be a fun project to start over in Runescape EOC, or RS3 when it comes out. Sure, there are a lot of high level players, but there are just as many who are just beginning their RS journey too. Finding pkers your level and people to interact with won’t be a problem. However, you’re not gonna have a good time if you get into it detesting any and all updates they’ve done over the last 5 years. You have to want to have a good time, otherwise you won’t.