How To Level PoE 3.2 Railway Bow Slayer Duelist

Path of Exile

The Duelist is Path of Exile’s strength/dexterity hybrid class, making him unmatched at dealing and avoiding damage. Collectors of poe orbs may know, he can effectively use a shield, but is equally comfortable slashing away with a powerful two – hander or fighting with weapons in both hands.

Path of Exile

The equipment associated with the Duelist’s strength and dexterity are Helmets, Scale/Bridagines/Doublets/Lamellar, Scale Gauntlets, Scale Boots, and Round Shields. The following is the leveling guide of Duelist:

1. You’ve two roads here: start like a melee with Frost blades/Molten strike or have fun with the bow from the beginning. I’ll only cover bow part. If you wish to play melee, just grab whatever melee damage nodes you want to round the pathing.

2. Begin with Shrapnel shot, it’s a quest reward option out of your initial quest (killing Hillock), it allows you obvious packs quick enough which is the great beginning skill. Utilize it from level 1 as much as level 12. Link it to Maim support jewel and Lesser multiple projectiles support jewel.

3. Buy Lightning arrow and Barrage in the Nessa after killing Merveil. (I have heard that Mirage archer is a superb tool for leveling)

4. Whenever you achieve level 18 include Elemental damage with attacks supports jewel towards the Lightning Arrow.

5. From level 16 begin using Herald of Ash and Herald of Ice for that damage boost. (both of them are rewards in the “Intruders in Black” quest in Act 2 and to keep your all of them from Yelena in act 2 after finishing that quest) Begin using Bloodstream Rage.

6. In the process 3, buy Hate aura, and switch off Herald of Ash.

7. Level until 38 (act 4) and switch Lesser Multiple projectiles with Greater multiple projectiles. You can now change Lightning arrow with Tornado shot. Also, link your Herald of Ice with Curse on hit and Assassin mark. Cast when damage taken Enfeeble Bloodstream rage. At level 66 equip Lioneye’s glare and kick ass!