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All in all, the quest was fine, but it was really only half a quest, what with having to do an everyday task as Barrows. However, there is the welcome addition of the new metal dragon training spot, as well as the new prayers with new effects that I’m sure PKers will figure out how to use once they’ve stopped complaining about is more advantageous to trade with a friend from the game;When buying runescape gold, dont commit any frauds.Here are some basic trading tips for new Runescape players.

I swear that if Jagex dared to release an easy quest, one that didn’t require twenty others to be completed beforehand, the one hundred percent of Runescape would surround their headquarters and chuck rotten tomatoes at their windows I should say, ninety-nine percent of them would be doing that. The other one percent would be me, happily sitting in my desk writing a review on a quest that I completed in five minutes.

But since Jagex doesn’t want their building repainted with tomato juice, they decided to release another quest instead: The Temple at Senntisten. And no, I did not spell that from memory.Your duty is to travel to the desert village Nardah where you meet Ali the Wise, who asks you to meet his friend, I won’t spoil it, I WILL, and tell you that he is Azzanadra, the character you meet at the end of Desert Treasure.

Of course, he is disguised as a red-headed guy with a big backpack that he’s probably never used. This, supposedly, makes him appear to be a normal human being.However, not all the quests involve fighting enemies! A lot of the runescape gold quests just depend on you to past messages on, help out people and make runescape a better place!