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However, this event was bordering on a grind-quest with nothing really to look forward to besides more useless running around in circles.The image was extremely ridiculous, especially since the Turkeys were as big as the adventurers. No matter, I killed around forty judging by the amount of raw turkey and drumsticks I had in my bank before achieving the horn of plenty oh yes, I forgot to mention, there’s a horn which stores 14 hitpoints worth of food and the emote.

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Before initiating any attempt at this, I figured I’d best figure out the story driving the event, and was interested to read in the news article that the primary victims of this holiday, namely Turkeys , were sick of being butchered for the enjoyment of humans and have managed to escape from the Lumbridge cook, who decided to bring his brother to the castle for the holidays, slyly leaving out his in-laws.

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