Forza Horizon 4 Mclaren Senna Comprehensive Performance Reviews

In 2018, McLaren Senna was a mid-engine supercar designed, developed and built by McLaren, and made its debut in the Forza Horizon 4.

Static evaluation
The overall design of the exterior is very sporty and very in line with McLaren’s family temperament. The front face design is exaggerated, and the black front lip further lowers the visual height of the front part of the car, which outlines the posture of the body that is ready to be launched, which is very aggressive.

The lights are very design, and the blade-like daytime running lights are also wrapped in carbon fiber. The upper adaptive headlights consist of 21 LED lights. LED daytime running lights are rare in super sports cars, and when the lights are lit at night, the visual effects are extremely eye-catching.

Its aerodynamic package throughout the body must not be underestimated. A large vent located on the side, the upper part is used to cool the gearbox and the turbine, and the lower part is used to dissipate heat from the tires and brakes.

The rear is equipped with a large rear spoiler, an LED taillight set, a large diffuser and a mid-range three-out exhaust layout that armes the movement to the teeth. The huge rear diffuser is designed with integrated carbon fiber, and the rear taillights also use carbon fiber material to “stroke”. It can be said that Senna has lost weight to the extreme.

Dynamic evaluation
As a replacement for the P1, Senna is really perfect for the FH4 cover. The original S2 977 4.0L V8+TwinTurbo 789hp mid-mounted rear drive, on the data, it is relatively better to get the hand, can not change the engine, changed the turbine has been to X999, after the change 1180hp is not very high, at least This level is not enough for the X level.

Although the FH4’s rear drive has obvious repairing feel, it is much better than FH3, but there are still problems of slipping, and high-speed instability, which is a relatively fatal problem in the UK, so Faster, it is recommended to switch to AWD, which will allow Senna’s handling to wait for a better upgrade.

The small track is easier, with the excellent handling of the rear drive and the Senna BUG general air force kit, Senna is almost completely stress-free at the small track. As for the small track, do you want to change the four-wheel drive to see if the individual can adapt to the rear drive? .

Compared to the FH3’s cover car 770, Senna’s play is not very eye-catching. The excessive air force kit caused Senna’s speed to shrink to 360KM/H, which is almost difficult to reach 380. Therefore, the positioning of this car is directly kicked out of the high-speed map, can only be mixed in the small map, and this car is also more difficult to mix in X, the horsepower is too low, it can be said that a cover buff is not so serious car. If you like it, you can buy it. After all, you only need 100M Credits, which is cheap. If your Credits is not enough, you can also get it through U4N.

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