Fix thes runescape bugs asap

The action bar doesnt drop personal gatestone in dungoneering forcing me to mess up my flow and waist alot of time.

the camera jerks suddenly everytime the player moves in any direction besides forward and backward

when the dungeoneering boss “Yk’Lagor the Thunderous” performs his special ability , it causes a cut seen to occur that resets the camera and confuses the players. also the health bar hovers over his warning making it impossible to avoid death.

constant lag in dungeoneering for absolutely no reason.

the open tabs/ any action/ movement/ door opening attempt / exit attempt, all reset every time someone opens a new door or leaves the dungeon. meaning if im purchasing something from the smuggler it exits out the open tab store when someone opens a new door.

eating while running causes your player to freeze and forcing you to waist time