Finding Suitable Monkeys

Head to Ape Atoll with any greegree, a m’speak amulet and at least 10 coins. You only need the coins if you don’t have a M’amulet mould. Go to the monkey temple and speak to any of the three wise monkeys. They will suspect you of being human. Admit that you are and they will ask you to prove it, but there’s a problematic guard watching. Using bananas from a crate on the far side of the temple, you must make a path of bananas that leads to the crate. Leaving the bananas in one spot too long will cause them to rot and disappear, and if they are placed more than three squares apart, the monkey will not be attracted to the banana. Putting a banana too close to a gorilla guard will cause him to eat it.

It is easiest to pre-place certain bananas to make your job easier. Green squares indicate a pre-placed banana, blue squares indicate the second round of bananas. You will need about 18 green bananas (more or less may be needed depending on where you drop them). Setting up the bananas must be done quickly or they will rot and the monkey guard will return to the three wise monkeys.

When you get the following message, return to the three wise monkeys:

After talking to them, remove your greegree to Sell RuneScape Gold reveal your true form. Afterward, they will ask you a few questions about Apmeken to test your knowledge. The answers are as follows:

The baboon head.
On the monkey’s shoulders.
The monkeys will suggest you go to the king and request to set up a colony. Your character will insist on the desert while he insists on Karamja. Say the desert has choc-ice to trade and he will consider the idea if you bring him some choc-ice in the shape of a monkey. At this point, you may want to go to the monkey child’s house to pick 10 bananas.