FIFA 16 review



It’s a major wrong thing that Chelsea are a pretty good team.

After his side’s woeful start to the season, manager Jose Mourinho would be wishing there was a reset button but the makers of the game can’t be blamed for thinking the defending champions would be near relegation zone nearing the opening quarter of the season.

The latest version of EA’s flagship football game, with super-duper star Lionel Messi gracing the cover, once again delivers without surprising. The pitch and players look sharper and it’s getting even harder to tell the difference between real-life coverage and Fifa coverage.

Ultimate Team remains the focus for Fifa and has been improved with a new draft mode, similar to what was rolled out in the latest Madden release.

It’s an abbreviated version of Ultimate Team best suited to players who don’t have time to spend hours crafting the perfect side through endless transfers. A fairly simple idea and its rinse and repeat nature makes it quite addictive.

Female players are a welcome addition on the back of the hugely popular women’s World Cup in Canada earlier this year. There are 12 national women’s teams, that can be used in a number of modes including online.

In new features, in addition to the improvement of the game without a lot of changes from the previous edition, which is a shame. Players are calling for more Football Manager career mode, although there are improvements, like unlimited submarine in friendlies and more realistic transfer budget still has plenty of room for more.