FIFA 15 TOTY midfielders release time for UK, US

We have a quick heads-up for all FIFA 15 players now, for those who are wanting to what time does the TOTY midfielders release in UK and US for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.


As we told you hours ago, EA has released the Defenders and Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer into Ultimate Team, with their special blue cards for TOTY.

These ultra rare cards are going to be available until Wednesday and we now have the information that you need. EA has already let everyone know that the FIFA 15 TOTY midfielders release time for UK is 6PM GMT.

This is the time when the Defenders and Goalkeeper will end and the midfielders will begin. Just to remind you, that means the moment when TOTY cards for Di Maria, Kroos, Iniesta and Robben will be available.


For our readers in the US wanting to know, the midfielders should be available in the game at around 10AM Pacific Time or 1pm Eastern Time. If you have been spending FIFA 15 coins on TOTY FIFA 15 Packs to get the likes of Luiz and Ramos, don’t forget to save some for the midfielders – the Robben card should be amazing.

So there we have it – what midfielder are you hoping to get inside a pack – Robben, Kroos, Di Maria or Iniesta?