FIFA 15 Tips to Avoid Turnovers

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Defense is boring.So when you have possession, make sure you can hold on to it.There are two times when you are going to lose the ball, while dribbling and passing. When you learn to avoid these turnovers, you will have more goal scoring opportunities.

Dribbling Turnovers
1) Choosing the wrong angle. FIFA is a game of angles.
Shortsighted thinking will lead you to be overly aggressive with your angles causing turnover after turnover after turnover. Lets look at the common situation of breaking down the sideline with the ball.

Cutting too aggressively toward the goal will cause you to lose possession. Instead there are two things you can do:

Option A: You can stop cutting in at an angle and change direction by protecting the ball into the direction of the purple arrow.

Option B: You can use the L2+R2 // Left Trigger + Right Trigger to closely dribble into the direction the blue arrow is pointing, and then pass to this player in a better position. The L2+R2 // Left Trigger + Right Trigger dribble is very effective at turning and often the defender can’t turn quick enough.

2) Taking one too many touches. A great chance to score can be taken away with 1 extra touch when you do not actually need it.

This is the exact moment you need to shoot. As soon as you have space in the box, hit it. Trying to set yourself often ends in a blocked shot or being tackled.

Passing Turnovers
1) Risky passes.
You might not think it at first but this is a risky pass. There isn’t a lot of space for you to pass the ball into because the opposition player has it covered. If you look around there are better options.

If you want to the ball to keep going forward, this guy is the best pass. He is in space and there is a better chance of the pass being made. Its also not predictable which is something that is important in FIFA.

2) Crazy counter attacks.
When you win the ball back from your opponent, the first thing that should be on your mind is to keep it. It involves being calm and making clear decisions. Here you may just kick it up the pitch, even though you have a player right here who you can pass to.

Don’t panic when you have the ball in possession of one of your defenders. You should have enough time to find the players that are free for a pass. Often times you can avoid giving the ball away by always keeping a cool head.

3) Poorly timed through balls. Using a through ball is often the right thing to do, however choosing the wrong moment will ruin everything.

This is the moment you want to pass it, you can see the striker starting his run whilst the defenders are still facing you and are flat footed. Whenever your striker looks like this, it is the perfect time to play the through ball.

Here is what you need to avoid turnovers in FIFA 15.
1) Use the L2 + R2 // Left Trigger + Right Trigger to cut in from the wings.
2) Shoot the ball when you have space in the box!
3) Make the safe passes, especially on counter attacks.
4) Watch for cutting players when playing through balls.

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