Eliminate make this optional

Pretty simple, these are my suggestions/feedback on things Rs 3 Gold/New interfaces needs get fixed or should be optional.

1. Eliminate or make optional the following:
Since the release of Rs3, there has been a new feature that I personally have found useless and rather annoying. Such feature can be seen when you use an ability, and THEN attack a monster by right clicking it. (Or when looting a pile of items).

Normally you would right click a pile of items and receive the options of:

‘Take bones’
Take Heim Crab
Take Salve Eel
Take Salve Eel
Walk here
Examine Bones

This is incredibly annoying and spammy during Dungeoneering and Slayer when one fights several monsters and is looting alot of items/clicking around, so ELIMINATE IT:
Say I use… Slice ability:

Slice -> Bones —
Slice->Heim Crab Spam
Slice -> Salve Eel Spam
Slice-> Salve Eel —
Take Bones
Take Heim crab
Take Salve Eel
Take Salve Eel
Examine Bones
Examine Heim Crab
Examine Salve Eel
Examine Salve Eel

It’s just a useless feature. Because im already clicking attack or clicking the monster itself to then use an ability (Meaning why would I click an ability, then right click monster to specify im using that ability with it which creates a right click spam and also includes other items creating more spam while I loot/fight).
Even if this only happened when right clicking monsters I would have:

Slice-> Skeleton
Attack Skeleton
Walk here
Examine Skeleton

Just creates spam:

Activate Slice -> Monster
Attack Monster
Walk here
Examine Monster

Eliminate the ‘activate ability’ on monster, I already used the ability on something else or on the monster itself… An ‘attack’ option is already ontop.

2. When clicking empty inv spot, inventory A and B should be optional options appearing! Annoying/spam.