Do you know what exactly the healing effect does?

wow, this is a really interesting thing i never knew. do you know what exactly the healing effect does? like how often and such?

A notable mention for the off-hand would be the Enhanced Excalibur (doesn’t have to be elite). This is because Jagex goofed up on its stats giving it the damage of a level 88-89 weapon. Its damage is 428 compared to the off-hand drygore mace’s 432. The EE is also set to fastest speed, like the mace. Runescape 2007 Gold. 

Although the accuracy of the EE is set to a level 70 tier, this won’t matter, since abilities only use the main weapon when calculating accuracy. This makes the EE a suitable drygore replacement, albeit much cheaper. It also comes with its passive healing effect, meaning it may actually be superior to the off-hand drygores. Runescape Gold. But this only works when using abilities. If you use momentum, it will calculate the EE’s hits based on its accuracy instead of letting it borrow your main weapon’s accuracy like it does for abilities.