Depending on whether you’re aiming in RuneScape

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Our newest loyalty batch offers a wealth of new rewards, including tier 4 versions of existing auras, a new set of Guthix-themed winged auras and several new emotes, including one upgrade option. Unleash your ’inner power’ or take your ROFL to new heights in the ROFLcopter! We’re also introducing a new aura that speeds up special attack recovery and new ’race’ costumes to let you look more like an elf or a werewolf. ROAR!

When used in PVP against those of a magical persuasion, they have additional benefits, including the ability to target specific areas of the body, with mighty special attacks, depending on whether you’re aiming at the head, torso or legs!

Mami Rimba friend of Papa Mambo has set up shop just outside Edgeville. She’s every bit as mad as Papa but has delved into some seriously dark mojo. She’s tapped into the power of the bloodwood tree, which grows only in places of bloodshed, such as the Wilderness, to craft a bolt that punishes mages. The bolts must be fired from a rune or chaotic crossbow, and they have powerful stats 125 ranged strength – with a Ranged requirement of 80.

To make these bolts, you must purchase bolt tips from Mami and head into one of the blood-soaked regions where a bloodwood tree can be found. Fletching of the bolts must be performed at the tree and will require 85 Woodcutting and 93 Fletching.

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