Can’t click through chatbox

As an avid PvMer, this can get very annoying in certain situations like running from Kalphite King’s magic attacks. It is also something that used to be a function pre-Runescape 3 gold – and I don’t see the reason for removing it.

No split private chat
It’s way too easy to ignore Private Messages now. I don’t notice when my friends PM me, and the Global Chat gets filled with “Person has logged in” and “Person has logged out”.

I suggest either bringing back the split private chat, or creating some kind of method for noticing PMs better. If you can’t or won’t bring back split private chat, I suggest making the private chat interface icon flash green instead of the default yellow to make it more noticeable. Also, you can make the icon flash green forever until it is clicked. But don’t make the icon flash for a person logging in or out. It isn’t too important and can result in spam of the flash function. Only make the icon flash

Items/Functions can still be dragged when the interface is locked
This is something that has troubled me even since the release of EoC. Whenever you are in a stressful situation and need to change your prayers or click on your summoning icon to use its special ability, there is a slight chance that you moved that icon a millimetre when you clicked it – and it won’t activate.

When your interfaces are locked, (default “L” keybind) prayers/curses, summoning icon and quick-prayer icon should also be locked. Alternatively, you could give these icons a higher threshold for being moved.

No way to remove “Follower Details” interface in locked mode
Occasionally, I like to check my familiar timer, so I open up follower details. An interface pops up, but there is no way to close it other than unlocking the interfaces, (default “L” keybind) and clicking X in the upp

Ivy is barely visible with the new wall/brick texture
This is not really NIS feedback, but more RS3 feedback. Go see the Ivy at Varrock Palace, near the Tree Patch.

Food and potions don’t act the same way with quick-inventory A and B
Let’s say I put my quick-inventory A to the first rocktail in my inventory, and B to the first super restore potion in my inventory. (What do I mean by the first? I mean as if you would be reading a book. From left to right, working your way down.) I eat a rocktail using the keybind set to quick-inventory A, and it moves to the next rocktail in my inventory. I drink my last sip of a super restore potion using the keybind set to quick-inventory B, and the quick-inventory slot stays where it is instead of moving to my next super restore potion.

Do we have to put our quick-inventory slot on our last item in our inventory for potions, but not for food? Surely the function is supposed to work as it does with rocktails described above, so why wouldn’t it work like that with potions? They are both items that we consume.

Mouseover text persists after closing skills interface
I am the kind of person that doesn’t like having everything open around me at all times. I quickly got used to my keybinds and access most of my interfaces through my keyboard. Whenever I want to check my levels or remaining exp until I level up in something, I click Y on my keyboard to open up my skill interface. If I hover my mouse over one of the skills to see the mouseover text that appears and click Y again to make the interface disappear, the mouseover text is still there on the screen.