Battle of lumbridge outcomes

Possible Factions/ Outcomes

Bandos – Theres a possibility that Bandos’ faction will be involved, considering the Goblin near the portal could have hinted his possible involvement. Considering that Lumbridge is surrounded by his followers is an advantage in regards to numbers. If they were to win, in all reality they would likely cause major destruction to the town and want to kill any enemy that is left. I’m uncertain if they would take any runescape gold.

Saradomin – Saradomin’s involvement is inevitable because Lumbridge is considered a Sardominist town. Because of this nothing much would change, other than maybe a slight boost in military presence to keep order in the town.

Godless – It was hinted in the Book of the Godless that the leaders of the faction were to meet here, and Kara-meir was to investigate the portal. Their involvement in this battle is unknown, because it depends on whether they come in military might and whether they are prepared for such a battle. IF, thans an IF they were to win, likely nothing will change much NPC wise, as they want to get rid of the Gods and haven’t got much on the others, unless some NPCs prefer to stick with their Gods.

Zamorak – Now it is uncertain how Zamorak will get involved, but I’m just taking this from the Villager who thinks Zamorak’s behind this. If Zamorak was to win this battle, it is likely to be a bit of chaos seen in Lumbridge, only because his ways is strength through chaos. So you can’t expect to see everything so peaceful there, it will look chaotic and devastating.

Zaros – Now there is no dialogue that confirms this. But as said by others, the colours surrounding the portal could give reference to the possible involved factions. The colours were red, purple, blue and gre.

But by referring to that, it would makes sense since Zaros = purple, Saradomin = blue, Zamorak = red, and I know Guthix was the one that represented green, but because he’s gone now, Bandos is the closest to = green. If Zaros was to rule, I would assume there to be strict rules placed to that place, maybe curfews, and strict guarding.

This is all I have, but I’ll post anything else later through the thread and I’ll reference those posts in this post.