As a way for hunters to gather summoning charms in Runescape

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As announced in the bonus Behind the Scenes on March 22nd, we have been upgrading the RuneScape engine and main game interface to make something truly amazing, and we’re opening the beta for this new experience this month. If you want to get involved, registration for beta access opens very shortly.

We originally added the hunter charm sprites back in 2010 as a way for hunters to gather summoning charms just south of the Gnome Stronghold. Since then, you’ve given us feedback on many aspects of the content, and this month we’re implementing the lot!
All the associated gameplay will be reworked to be far more fun, easier to use and more rewarding. The sprites themselves will be easier to see and catch, and the XP you’ll earn will be much more generous, scaling with your Hunter level. You’ll get many more charms from the activity, too, including more blue and crimson charms than before. We’re also adding a new ‘mystical’ charm slice, acting as a wildcard when making charms.

Yaktwee will now look after your hunting equipment when you’re away, and Yaktwee’s stick can be upgraded by those that really get to grips with the area, offering XP boosts to all hunting and an increased chance to get new mystical charm slices.

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