Already logged in

So I was just playing old school runescape and something happened to my internet and I lost connection. I restarted my computer and the internet was fine so I tried to log back in to runescape. It tried to connect for a few seconds and then it said “Your account is already logged in. Try again in 60 secs…” So I tried to log in a couple more times and the same thing happened, so I tried to log in on RS 3 Gold and it still didn’t work. Should I be worrying if someone is actually on my account or if this is just a glitch? Is anyone else having this problem? Should I be changing my.

I was just fighting ghouls and the game froze, i exited out of the client and tried to log in its been about 10 minutes and it still says im logged in or they cant process my request. What is going on? I dont want to lose my stuff.

Same thing happened to me I am not mad about it I just want it back on as soon as possible it will be fine at first I thought I was getting hacked because I checked on my clan forum and it said I was logged in I think everyone that was on W2 was logged out because of this because it is offline.