A simple graphical error

I’m not sure how most people feel about this feature, or even if they know it exists, but I personally love to set myself level targets for any skills that aren’t quite where I’d like them to be. This way I can watch the progress bar continually growing as I train whichever I choose. However, these aren’t as accurate as I had once thought! After meeting two of my 99 goals, I noticed that the progress bar was well above 100% (not in percentage, but the color itself protruded the box).

That’s all well and dandy because I did reach my goal and gain xp beyond that which I set as a goal; however, I set a milestone goal for Divination upon release so I could get more and more excited as my level grew, but I went to check my progress and around 92% completion, my bar is overflown again! This is quite misleading and I thought I was about to gain a level and finally meet my goal! Little did I know, I still had several hours of training still ahead of me.concerningly inaccurate progress bars when setting skill goals