A few runescape suggestions

I have a small number of suggestions for changes regarding the NIS.

1. I have my layout figured out and have all of my necessary interfaces where I want them, but every now and then i would like to open a new interface, such as melee abilities because I don’t use that interface regularly (I have all my melee abilities on my action bar). Once I lock my interfaces, and open up a new interface, it opens up a new window and cannot be moved/closed until I unlock my interfaces. Once I lock my interfaces, I suggest that any interfaces that are opened up after the lock has been placed should have an “*” to allow us to close them without the hassle.

2. When doing combat of all sorts I used to not have any problems watching my prayer, and I think part of the reason I am having more trouble now is because there is no warning that my prayer is getting low. On the ability bar, I think the prayer logo/bar should turn red and/or flash when it is below a certain point like before.