A few changes i’m not a fan of

Is there any way to change the inventory slot size, to what it was before this recent update. I had 4 icons in a row and now I have 5.

Please allow us to have a Trade Chat, 07 is actually ahead of RS 3 Gold on this one. Which is kinda sad seeing as how that game is 6 years old. Also, it would be nice to remove some of the chat windows, like Guest Clan Chat, which I never use. Or emotes. Maybe make a button in the Social tab, where the slider for FC and CC are, that opens up a menu to re-add chat boxes to the screen. It would allow more freedom and versatility for people, so they don’t have to have a chatbox on screen.

If we could get down to only having the tab with all the menus, which most people toss in the corner, that’d be great.

Also maybe have the option to combine all the Ability Tabs in to one Book, like before the Interface update. I liked having one tab where I could access each of the smaller tabs, without having to add another menu to my Chat Box or Inventory Tabs.

This new Interface is like a Love/Hate relationship. Some things are just so much better than the predecessor, but you have to adapt and work out the kinks in the new. So far it is 50% better than the old version though.