NBA 2K17 & Trophy List And Virtual Reality

Gaming has a lot of aspects, one of aspect is Virtual Reality, it might be not fullt embraced yet in sports, nonetheless, with respect to the notion, it seem to that it have been changed, in the game’s trophy list, from starting with NBA 2K17 as hinted. BABY STEPS TOWARDS SPORTS AND VR While at …

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FIFA 16 review


It’s a major wrong thing that Chelsea are a pretty good team. After his side’s woeful start to the season, manager Jose Mourinho would be wishing there was a reset button but the makers of the game can’t be blamed for thinking the defending champions would be near relegation zone nearing the opening quarter of …

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FIFA 16: What we can learn from Euro 2016 qualifying

1. Robert Lewandowski is the world’s best striker Some people might posit that his extraordinary goal scoring exploits for Bayern Munich are only down to the service he receives, inferior Bundesliga opposition, Pep Guardiola’s genius or any combination of the above. With 13 he was the top goal scorer in Euro 2016 qualifying and it …

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FIFA 16 Analysis : PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One

fifa 16

How long series have been running on this point, EA Sports has found polish, disciplined and refurbished digital sports, it was amazing.  Even with stand-out titles in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, FIFA is here to stay and FIFA 16 seems to be the best yet. The Ignite Engine debuted in FIFA 14 two years ago and since then, it’s been used in every major current gen sports title from EA. It’s not all about better …

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